Very nice shirts.


"Sophisticated. Smart. Sensual." - this is just a tiny bit of all the feedback we gained from lifestyle bloggerz and fashionistas around the world. And yes, they are right.

We made some very limited shirts - once they are gone they are gone. No Reprint. So if you want to be special and become part of something bigger than life you should buy a shirt right away. And if you dont want to be special and become part of the gang its fine - as long as you still buy this things.

Check the whole collection in the webshop!

"Good boys by choice" Campaign



Now who's a good boyyyyyyy?

In this man’s world full of bad guys, we try to be a bunch of good boys. And by "good“ we mean: Doing your thing without being a dick, uplifting the people around you, encouraging absolutely everybody to be who they are and get hooked on what they love.

So we wanted to show some good boys in our campaign. What to good boys receive - right. Hands who pet them and tell them that they are good boys. And maybe treats in form of bones. But we are no dogs.

We shot our "good boys by choice" with Niko Ostermann - who created the perfect "highschool yearbook vibe".

Even though we design boy stuff, we’re not an boys only club. Anybody can become a HFA.

HFA 420 Party


4/20 on a Friday. It's a nice.

We celebrated the international day of irie vibes with a nice party at Curtain Vienna. People were welcomed with a shot "Berliner Luft" and we made a bong winning competition, which is going to be an olympic discipline in the near future. The winner even smoked that thing on stage a la cypress hill.

Instead of taking pictures himself, our buddy Valentin Zelger had the idea to hand over his cameras and let us capture the evening. Smart move. You can find all the pictures here.

Thanks for dancing and drinking with us.



Yasssssss! The first HFA print is now for sale exclusively at our webshop. High quality Giclee A4 print on 290 gsm acid free 100% cotton rag paper - printed at Vienna Electric Tattoo.

This print was made for our show in Bali, where Tigers had a well-defined position in folkloric beliefs and magic. For example, the Balinese considered the ground powder of tiger whiskers to be a potent and undetectable poison for one's foe. Unfortunately the Bali tiger is an extinct species nowadays - so we thought to give him a proper revival.

Rumours say that the ground powder of this print is an explosive aphrodisiac and in some cases just looking at it stimulated people. If you frame this print and put it on your wall you have good luck forever and to quote chinese fortune cookies: this print will soon make your life more exciting.


Deck release

HFA Studio

We are more than excited to share our very first custom products. For our first exhibition we handpainted 15 old school shaped decks, made from 100% canadian maple.

The exhibition took place at Pretty Poison, a backyard inspired arts bar with a california styled pool to shred. After weeks of preparation we hopped on a plane to Bali - the island where the idea of HFA was born - to show a range of handpainted old school decks, custom gang jackets and prints at the very first HFA Exhibition. Blurry memories of cold bintangs, skate jams and drunk aussies getting pierced were captured by Dennis Arthur and can be seen on our facebook site.

The first batch of decks is now for sale exclusively at our webshop.